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PMKSFG Programs

 Tweyambe Micro Save

PMKSFG is planning to implement a new program called Tweyambe Micro Save (TMS) which is aimed at empowering locals financially. TMS will be a community bank offering strictly material loans to responsible, competent people who wish to start or grow their small businesses. Additionally, TMS will offer savings accounts to all interested community members, and educate them on the benefits of saving, and other personal finance measures, by offering seminars to the public. This program expects to begin by the end of the year.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Primary Health Care (PHC)

PMKSFG offers free medical treatment to children in impoverished families who are unable to pay for medicines and check-ups. Children aged 14 and below are screened to determine their level of need for the program. Participating families are kept in close contact with PMKSFG staff to ensure their proper use of the program.

HIV/AIDS sensitization

 PMKSFG is involved with aids sensitization programs to teach people about the disease and how to avoid contracting it. The organization plans to participate in World AIDS Day in December, and conducts several smaller scale AIDS sensitization services

Know Your Status

PMKSFG UG wants that everybody knowing his/her HIV status in the community of Kazo because this is one of the ways that it can cater for those who are affected/infected with AIDS. This is done through that program "Know Your Status" wihich is carried out in the different zones of Kazo and in Schools, Primary and secondary.

Adult Education

 PMKSFG, in partnership with Kazo Mixed Primary School, are offering courses meant to improve the literacy and general knowledge of community members. Courses include but are not limited to English literacy courses, basic mathematics courses, and business management workshops. Already two adult students are working through the primary levels and are looking to sit in for the P7 exams! Courses are in the evening hours on weekdays. Contact us for more information.


Check the program calendar for upcoming events, and workshops, or contact us for more information.